Change Consultant

I am an experienced Project/Programme Manager having so far managed over 50 projects, programmes and portfolios across multiple sectors – Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Telco, Education and Local Government. Equally comfortable running business or technology-rich projects alike, a broad and varied set of experiences ranging from GDPR and Operational Resilience, through to largescale software development/releases, adoption of Agile methods and change frameworks, design/adoption of business TOMs through to data/process mapping means I can assimilate into projects and organisations very quickly. I am a hard-working, results-driven team player who thrives in challenging high-pressure environments and always sets out to make a difference.


I joined Project One because their values around making a real difference, doing the right thing and leveraging the power of the team echo my own personal values. That, and the fact I get the opportunity to work alongside some great people, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with before.


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