I am an experienced Programme Director with a track record of delivering innovative technology enabled business transformation across a range of industries.  This experience includes digital enablement, merger integration, ERP, CRM, customer experience and functional transformation, together with large scale ITC operations management.  Having been involved in too many costly IT projects which were later challenged from a value for money perspective, I have become passionate about developing robust business cases and delivering tangible, measurable business benefits from projects.

Why I joined Project One

I have worked on a shaping and establishing a number of exciting programmes where we have moved from strategy to readiness to execute, only to see the implementation programme being awarded to a traditional consulting house or systems integrator and subsequently lose momentum, focus and aspiration.  I wanted to be part of a bigger team and a strong brand, able to take on and execute the full delivery phases, without relentlessly pursuing a sales agenda.   The talent, team and culture at Project One offered me that exciting opportunity.

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