Consulting Director

Having worked for Accenture, PA Consulting and Gartner Consulting I have a wealth of experience working with dozens of customers across Media and publishing, Retail, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, CPG and Energy. I have been involved with transformation and change right across the lifecycle from strategy through delivery into production and then process improvement and review. I have lead large teams, advised board members and held interim senior roles all as part of the process of enabling change for multinational organisations.

As an individual I have always had an inquisitive nature and find business and industry fascinating. The role of a consultant is to take skills and knowledge learnt from solving business problems in many different organisations and formulating solutions which can be applied to new organisations. My specific areas of expertise include Data and Digital transformation

Why I Joined Project One

Whilst working at another consulting firm I was involved in the delivery of a large transformation programme which included a senior Project One consultant. A couple of years after the successful delivery of that programme the consultant mentioned he was in town and suggested we meet for lunch. What followed was a 90min conversation about the value of consulting and what customers in today’s market are looking for.

My view was that consulting had become too complex – customers have matured and simply wanted results and expertise. He explained how Project One operated – hiring high quality people, straight forward service offerings and a direct and transparent commercial model. The way the organisation was described sounded exactly how I thought a consultancy should work and how I believed customers wanted to engage. Some time later we had another lunch and I made it clear I wanted to be a part of that kind of organisation. I’m very excited to now be an integral part of Project One.


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