Change Consultant

I have been involved in change and transformation programmes for over 20 years now in various industries and consultancies. Whether the change has been driven by operational requirements, regulatory demands or IT I’ve been there and have numerous tee-shirts. I am a firm believer that even the most complex of change can be simplified in order to foster a shared understanding of where the real priorities lie.

Why I Joined Project One

Project One only recruit experienced senior change consultants. That means our customers are getting people who are focused on delivering for them rather than ‘landing’ large teams of junior consultants. It also means that when complex challenges are faced we have a team who support each other in finding the right outcome.

I have seen this first hand from a customer perspective prior to my joining Project One and I can say the support I have received to date backs this up. It is rare to work for a consultancy where doing the right thing and being 100% focused on making the customer look good genuinely is supported by every member of the team and its culture.

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