I joined Project One after 21 years with AstraZeneca and ICI. I led many significant change and IT programmes/portfolios in that time. The most memorable being the design and implementation of R&D Project/Financial Management processes and tools across a multiplicity of countries and departments. This was delivered against a backdrop of a huge variation in project management capability. The process leveraged significant competitive advantage by harmonising working practices in four countries and seven departments. I set Project One a difficult challenge of providing me with variety and breadth of assignments to broaden my skills in other environments and sectors, which they have certainly delivered on!

What I’m most proud of in my time in Project One

For a client we had the challenge of implementing a new patent docketing and management process in a mandatory timeline of three months (failure was not an option). The timeline was aggressive due to the old system falling apart and having a significant risk of losing critical patent data from failing hardware, which could cost the client 100s of £millions. The new system had profound issues which we needed to quantify, risk assess and mitigate quickly in order to implement successfully. It was an exciting dash, and most satisfying when it went in on time.