My career started with a year at Heysham 2 nuclear power station.  This was a terrific experience that taught me many things….including that I did not want to sit at the same desk day in, day out.  That led me to management consulting and I joined Accenture in May 1998.  I worked in the Change practice, specialising in all the ‘people aspects’ of the transformation programmes clients undertook.  I worked across industries, with a focus on communications, media and technology in the last few years.

What I’m most proud of (biggest achievement at Project One)

I’m most proud of the role that my Project One colleagues and I played in ensuring a major HR systems launch took place on schedule and with minimal business risk.  With go-live only eight weeks out, the client realised that they did not have enough people with the right experience to perform critical roles in the go-live period.  Project One were approached to help fill this gap….with fantastic results.  Being part of this team, anticipating and resolving all the challenges thrown our way, and building the client’s capability and confidence and secured approval to launch and deliver  was an incredible and fantastic experience.  With over 20,000 people now using the solutions and processes successfully, it’s a piece of work I am extremely proud to have contributed to.

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