I’ve spent 30 years gaining experience in large scale programme management within two distinct, yet related, professional areas. My early career took me far and wide – US, Italy, SE Asia and Central Europe in a variety of operational roles related to supply chain, logistics and commercial management.

Having originally trained in Law and Finance I also gained experience in business re-structure and transformation. In most cases this was based on ERP technology, leading to the opportunity of managing the ERP business for two global system integrators, developing a close understanding and degree of expertise in commercial management and contracting for SI and outsourcing services, supply chain automation and the creation of corporate shared services.

My experience has been gained in commercial, regulated and public industries, and I have a significant amount of exposure to secure central government and the intelligence services.


Joining Project One was a classic ‘no brainer’, in the end and after a considerably elaborate recruitment process, it was easy to feel there was nowhere else I could possibly want to work. Project One provides, for me at least, the ideal combination of challenge and clarity of thought. The assignments we undertake are by necessity challenging; we don’t claim to be ‘run of the mill’, we thrive on accepting challenge and providing outstanding, often unexpected, results.

Project One is a place where no one rests on their laurels, we’re only as good as the outcome provided on the last assignment. And that’s how it should be for someone who is invited into an organisation in order to make a difference. This matters to us, and we take it personally. We focus on our client and nothing else. We don’t get excited or confused by internal career structure, promotions, selling more consultants, providing introductions or excessive administration. We’re free to provide truly independent advice, without limitation or exception.