My career in Information Technology began over 30 years ago as a junior programmer and since then I have had the opportunity to work all over the world, delivering change and innovation for clients in Financial Services, Utilities, Energy and the Public Sector. Having worked on both sides of the fence, in industry and in consulting, I have the ability to see things from the client’s perspective while bringing the outside experience that I have been fortunate enough to gain from many large and complex projects. I have a particular interest in innovation and I’m always keen to explore how the latest trends in technology might impact on our customer’s business models.

Why I joined Project One

Project One is a vibrant, energetic company with a culture that feels really different. The team are hugely experienced and the values of the company ensure that this experience goes towards putting the interests of the customer first. Many large organisations seek to become more agile and responsive but in Project One I have found a company that embodies these values.