I have over 25 years’ experience working on transformational programmes across a range of sectors and transformation types – often on a scale that are ‘once in a lifetime’ for the organisations. I lead large teams with clients to shape and deliver their strategic transformations. I help executive teams get the best from their strategic transformation programmes, achieving timely delivery and business results and enhancing their ability to deliver in the future. The transformations are usually at international or national scale, costing tens to hundreds of millions and change has to be managed across the majority of the organisation’s people and customers. I have helped set-up, assure, deliver and rescue such transformations, across sectors (Media, Luxury Goods, Banking, Transport, Utilities, Government, Space and Defence), with a recent focus on helping clients transform their marketing and operating models to extend the way they reach and engage their customers in a digital world.


It has been my privilege to help talented client leadership teams, in some exceptional companies, successfully deliver their ambitions. Project One is a company where I can focus all my experience and enthusiasm to that one goal – successfully delivering significant change for clients. Being able to do that, with colleagues who are like-minded and from whom I can learn even more is a delight.


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