Change Consultant

I am a senior change delivery professional with over 25 years of experience delivering large scale customer facing business and technology change for FS, Retail, Utility and Public Sector clients. Whether its structuring a new programme of work, providing the guidance and discipline for successful delivery, or recognising the pitfalls of failing projects and driving recovery and successful conclusions, I enjoy the challenges each of these present. I bring discipline, rigour and the pragmatism required to drive successful outcomes.

Why I joined Project One

I wanted to work with a team of like minded individuals who have shared my values and experiences through their own careers. Project One has given me the opportunity to work with similarly seasoned colleagues, who have learned through the years what works well and how to deliver effectively, and in so doing have created an environment in which this becomes our shared strength. Project One also gives me the opportunity to focus on the delivery of quality outcomes without the bureaucracy of some of the larger consultancies, allowing complete focus on our customers.

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