"We want to be more Agile" - a practical response

‘We want to be more agile’. This desire has been very prevalent in Change and IT functions over the past couple of years. With the advent of Digital, and ongoing comparisons to digital native companies, we often hear phrases such as ‘we want to be more like Google/Netflix/Amazon’ coming from companies across every business sector.

The marketplace is changing faster than ever before. New competitors from outside the sector, new channels to engage and sell through, SaaS (Software as a Service) and other technology making it easy to go to market quicker – yet many Change and IT functions are still grappling with 1-2-year lead times for new projects to be delivered. Customers within the business are frustrated that “it’s difficult to do business with you”. So you need be more agile. It’s a worthy aspiration, but if you’re on the hook for change, just how do you go about doing it?

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POSTED BY: James O'Sullivan - Director of consulting services

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