An interview with David Knappett; Consultant turned Delivery Director

What’s your background?

I started my career in Accenture and stayed there for 11 years, after which the clash with family life saw me jumping ship to the client side, working with Marks and Spencer and then Barclays. I have spent most of my 20 year career involved in or leading major change programmes.

What attracted you to Project One?

I wanted to return to the consulting world, but on my terms. I saw Project One as an employer who would allow me to continue to build my Change Leadership and programme management skills whilst allowing me to have a balanced life.

How have you found life in Project One?

I definitely made the right move. All the balances are right – challenging work, which I am able to drive, often with a Project One team, and with support available if I ask for it; and a great team spirit in a company that is definitely going places! The variety of work is also a bonus – I was previously more or less pigeon-holed into the Financial Services industry, but with Project One have worked across various sectors and now made the move over to the role of Delivery Director.

What was your most memorable assignment so far?

One great experience was to work with the senior executive of a global research and manufacturing company to set-up and run a $100m management information programme across a series of globally distributed business units. I worked with a small number of Project One colleagues to define the change programme and set up the governance and structure. I then drove the delivery of the change.

Why was the engagement so important to the client?

The client’s profitability was starting to fall and a crucial part of the recovery strategy was to be able to measure and compare consistent sales, marketing and financial performance metrics. Driving the change at pace, and increasing the guarantee of successful delivery, gave the executive stakeholders the reassurance they needed that this critical programme was under control.

What did the assignment mean to you?

The chance to really show the power and experience of a Project One team. It was great to have such an appreciative client, who wanted to see ‘what good looks like’ in the delivery of critical change.

Finally, what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t leading change?

I train for and take part in triathlon events, which often sees me out in the Pennines at weekends with a group of cyclists, or in the warmer months swimming in the local lake! I also help out in my sons’ local football club.

If you are interested in finding out more about current opportunities at Project One please call 01477 544462 to contact Natalie in our recruitment team.

POSTED BY: David Knappett - Account Director


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