Ollie Knappett's work experience

In June this year (2016), Project One let me come into their office for a week of work experience. The reason why I chose to do work experience at Project One is because my dad works there so it made the experience a whole lot easier as he introduced me to everyone and he could easily take me to the office as well. At first, I wasn’t sure what I could do for a whole week in the office, but I was quickly reassured that there was plenty to do.

On my first day, after all the introductions were made, I set about scanning some contracts and placing them into the required files on the laptop I was provided with. During this task I learnt how to use the big printer/copier/scanner machine and I also came to grips with the filing cabinet, as I had to store away the contracts in the personal files after.In the afternoon of my first day I went along with my dad to one of his meetings in Liverpool. I wasn’t allowed inside the site, but the trip was still useful as I saw the inside of the building which gave me an insight of what life in businesses, like the one we visited, are like.

I had to miss the Tuesday of the week due to school commitments, but I was back in on Wednesday! I started the day off by doing a purchase ledger paper run which was really interesting as I saw how the expenses are dealt with within the company.

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