Your guide to being a great change sponsor

When you set out to lead complex and critical change, it can feel like you’re embarking on a journey into the unknown.

It’s an appropriate analogy because as the sponsor you’re the one at the helm and your team need to:

  • know where they’re going,
  • know what they’re going to do to get there and
  • have the confidence to deal with the challenges that will certainly happen on the way.

It’s a big job

You’re accountable for the overall success of the change. Not the programme manager. You.

You must champion the vision, keeping everyone focused on it.

You’re responsible for the costs you incur and the benefits you deliver.

You’ve got to keep all the stakeholders on board and committed to playing their part and you’ve a key role to play in helping the delivery team by resolving issues and making timely decisions.

You’ve a lot on your plate.

It’s a great opportunity

Leading change can be one of the most rewarding experiences for anyone.

You gain a wider perspective on the organisation and deliver the sort of change that makes a real difference.

If this is what turns you on – this is the role for you

But it can be daunting

It’s not easy though, especially when you’re doing it for the first time.

Knowing what to do, where to focus your time and what to watch out for are crucially


Yet, our experience is that less than 10% of sponsors are given any formal support.

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POSTED BY: Ollie Holden - Director of Change Capability Improvement