Stephen Montague

Change Consultant

I joined Project One after nearly 30 years in consultancy services and 20 years in programme management. I have worked extensively across the public sector (DFES, DEFRA, MOD, DWP) and private sector (telecoms, insurance, assurance), and have run programmes of up to £400m in value with teams of 200+. I have led programme rescues and new start-ups, and I thrive on the challenges and pressures of a fast-paced delivery environment.

Why I joined Project One

Project One gives me the freedom to focus 100% on what I can do to help and support my clients, and to do so in the way I believe is most effective for them. The network of expertise and support at Project One is exceptional; if I need any information or assistance from my colleagues then it is there in an instant. But if I know what needs to be done, and I have the tools to do it, I love that Project One trusts me to deliver, and to the high standards our clients have come to expect from Project One.

Stephen Montague a Project One change consultant profile photo Stephen Montague
Change Consultant
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