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The scale of an ERP transformation makes it inherently complex

An ERP solution is often at the heart of your business, driving critical processing and decision making across multiple functions.


Therefore implementing, updating or changing functions such as Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Asset Management and Project Management will be a significant investment, with corresponding high levels of delivery and benefit risk.


It is critical to treat any such change as a business transformation and to have the right level of experience and capability in place to ensure successful delivery of the associated benefits. It is also key to focus up-front on the data and deployment challenges and spend the time to mobilise thoroughly.


Organisations that are undergoing an ERP Transformation, are moving to the latest vendor Cloud ERP solutions and leveraging the increased levels of automation and best in class processes that these systems provide. The scale of these transformations makes then inherently complex, and it is critical to mobilise thoroughly and then deliver with rigour and control.


At Project One, we have worked with many customers to shape up and mobilise ERP transformation journeys and deliver their ERP Implementation, such as HR transformation and finance transformation. We use our independence to facilitate selection of the right solution and integration partners, driving delivery from your side and making sure the resulting solution lands well into your business.

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“The cutover went very smoothly which is testament to the preparation and planning put in by Project One.”

Global Retailer
Programme Director

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The Financial Times has listed Project One, for the fourth consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultants in its annual report, with a record-breaking 8 Silver awards for the firm, including being the only independent, SME boutique consultancy to be recognised with a silver rating for Digital Transformation and Organisation & Change.​

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