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These are unprecedented times for our country, which are placing huge demands across all government and public sector organisations. The challenges of dealing with COVID-19, the EU exit, the potential economic recession, and the ‘net zero carbon’ agenda are all placing significant pressure for change and transformation on the NHS, local government authorities, central government departments, and wider public sector bodies.


Project One is actively involved in supporting government and public sector organisations to deal with these challenges and we have established a strong track record of successful programme delivery.

“Project One have recently undertaken some terrific work for me in bringing senior people from across the organisation and facilitating an excellent outcome. Which included a deliverable! Really good work”

Government body
Chief Operations & Performance Officer

Award Winning Work


The Financial Times has named Project One, for the third consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies in its annual report, which uses customer and consultancy peer recommendations to rank and rate consultancies.


Out of 1,700 organisations under consideration, 194 were recognised in the list, with Project One ranked 18th overall and the only boutique consultancy to be recognised in the category of Digital Transformation.

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