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Your chances of digital success are increased if you kick-start your digital transformation with a focussed and targeted plan of action

Businesses looking to grow are increasingly turning to the idea of digital transformation. What they really want, is to make a step change in the way they provide their products and services, and with that increase value to their customers.


Their aim is to reduce time to market, scale sales conversion rates, to flex with the market and to reduce their costs. Learn more in our articles about how to kick-start your digital transformation.

“It was impressive how the Project One individuals came on board our fast-moving train. They plugged in our capability gap with specific skills and got up-to-speed very quickly. They turned up on Monday and started adding value by 10:00am.”


Programme Director

Award winning work


The Financial Times has named Project One, for the third consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies in its annual report, which uses customer and consultancy peer recommendations to rank and rate consultancies.


Out of 1,700 organisations under consideration, 194 were recognised in the list, with Project One ranked 18th overall and the only boutique consultancy to be recognised in the category of Digital Transformation.

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