Climate change and sustainability and your journey to Net Zero Carbon


Climate change and sustainability have emerged as the defining priorities of our time. The time to act is now.

Organisations are expected to have strategies for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and carbon reduction, aligned to corporate commitments and our global need to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2050.  The time to act is now, but how do you progress your climate change and sustainability agenda?


Backed by changes in regulation, law, consumer and investor action, organisations need to improve their climate change and sustainability activity and implement business transformation programmes to enable and embed, not only new strategies, processes, and policies; but also, a culture that embraces and formalises these principles. Change and transformation decisions and actions will need to be seen through a climate change and sustainability lens, as well as the return on investment or mitigation of risk.

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The Financial Times has listed Project One, for the fourth consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultants in its annual report, with a record-breaking 8 Silver awards for the firm, including being the only independent, SME boutique consultancy to be recognised with a silver rating for Digital Transformation and Organisation & Change.​

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