Designing and delivering an Oracle fusion ERP implementation

Faced with a multitude of customer-facing tools and technologies, Telenet, Belgium’s largest cable broadband provider, was looking to increase efficiency and effectiveness, in addition to reducing cost from its backoffice operation through an ERP implementation of a single Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning solution. 


Telenet will use this suite of software to manage day-to-day activities such as accounting, procurement, compliance and supply chain operations, all of which are the underlying support and functionality for the front-end service.  


The new Cloud ERP solution will deliver the future digital back office to support Telenet’s trading business. All legacy on-premise Microsoft, SAP and Oracle technologies will be migrated to a single Oracle Fusion ERP and Supply Chain Cloud, with the aim of better supporting the customer-facing business through an integrated solution that now has:  


  • A set of robust, and future-proofed applications, with increased automation and regular updates  
  • Enhanced standard functionality and increased efficiency across all of the back-office functions  
  • Increased application stability and scalability, with easier future maintenance. 

Project One provided leadership and direction, with product expertise and insight into the delivery of the Telenet digital back office, building a cohesive, collaborative and effective programme team across Telenet and other delivery partners.  


Project One brought their knowledge of the industry and their supplier relationships to bear, to help Telenet get better results from their suppliers, including access to senior supplier executives. Telenet’s vision was for the Fusion Cloud solution to deliver: 


  • A consumer-like interface with improved analytics and agility for the business, gained through faster introduction of new functionality, for example, the ability for Telenet staff to approve requisitions through their mobile phones, a significant change in the way the business will work moving forward  
  • A solution that allows IT to keep up to date with new releases, without costly and time-consuming upgrades requiring significant business investment 
  • Unlike traditional IT infrastructure, Cloud enables automation, allowing Telenet to transform its procurement and finance functions to be more focussed on value-add activities and less on traditional repetitive back-office tasks  
  • More emphasis on end-users within the office of finance managing the applications, with less reliance on specialised IT personnel 
  • A scalable solution that will be optimised for cost, and one that can be easily scaled as Telenet grows in the future. 


Project One adding value  


  • Programme leadership  
  • Established and implemented effective stakeholder and vendor management
  • ERP product and supplier expertise 
  • Communication and stakeholder management.

Led by Project One, the team completed the shaping phase to set out the vision and objectives, ensuring that they were not only designing the solution for the migration to Oracle Fusion, but keeping the current solution working in parallel.  


The detailed design phase that kicked-off in August 2019 incorporated Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement successfully completed at the end of March 2020, transitioning to the implementation phase. With the vision realised during design, it is now down to the implementation to deliver the overall objectives. To complete the implementation, phase one moved Telenet Group and Telenet Retail to the Cloud by January 2021, with Telenet BV following suit by January 2022.  


As well as digitalising the back office, another strand was replacing their front-end point of sale systems and migrating that to the Cloud as well. Telenet and BASE shops have moved from Microsoft Dynamics to Dynamics Cloud 365.

To find out more about the wider company-wide digital transformation, click here to read about the successful completion of the Darwin Programme.


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Rudy Verlinden, IT Director for ERP

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