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How to turn the crisis into an opportunity

The ‘perfect change storm’  poses a pressure for change right across our organisations from the leadership boardrooms to our business operations, supply chain and people side of change. In this issue, find out what lies ahead and what to focus on to deliver change successfully.

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Are you ready for the perfect ‘change storm’?

In this issue of News@One, we release our brand-new Real Change Diagnostic and provide insight into the four big challenges facing us all: COVID-19, a Recession, EU Exit and the Net Zero
Carbon agenda.

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Why choose an Agile approach to your digital transformation?

In this issue of News@One, our change experts share how to kick-start your digital transformation with Agile ways of working.

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Change priorities post-lockdown

This issue of News@One shares expert insight on four key topics driving business decisions as we emerge from lockdown.

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Change priorities during COVID-19

This issue of News@One responds to the key questions we’ve been asked by our customers, as we help them navigate the change leadership challenges posed by the pandemic.

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Digital first – are you ready?

This issue of News@One focuses on delivering digital platforms and how we helped a leading European Telco do just that.

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