Digital Transformation – taking the Award-Winning digital leap

For the 4th consecutive year, Project One has been recognised by the Financial Times as a UK Leading Management Consultancy, as voted among 1,700 UK based consultancy companies and are the highest-rated independent SME.  


The Financial Times awards specifically recognise the insight we bring to our customers on Digital Transformation – helping our customers to take the digital leap.   



What is the digital transformation leap? 


Whether you are HMRC making tax digital or a global manufacturer wanting to grow, not having a digital transformation roadmap to market adds cost and duplication. It also constrains the adaptability to flex and limits your response to changing situations. 


For government, digital services underpin the provision of services to over 56 million people UK wide. 


For businesses, enabling an intuitive digitally based purchasing and ownership journey enables customer retention and provides a foundation for future sales growth.  


No matter what the sector, many brands have realised the benefits that taking the ‘digital leap’ has delivered scalability, stability, availability, and speed. Realising these benefits takes transformation – a leap to deliver a digital experience that drives direct customer (or citizen if you are government) interaction.  



How do you take the digital transformation leap? 


  • The customer. Start with the customer and their interaction with your brand – their awareness and consideration, shopper journey and owner journey. Within each element understand the digital capabilities that will be required – content and product data, marketing and analytics, website front-end and purchase, payment and fraud, and owner experience.  Within each element consider the digital features that are required, including product information, accessibility, browse, search, payments, customer campaign and contact centre.  


  • The business. Work with the business to understand the outcomes they are looking for and their priorities. Work directly with them to determine solution options, to ensure a positive brand experience and ease of use, and to understand the impact of technology change needed to deliver. Ensure the business are front and centre in the transition to operations and bedding in as business as usual.  


  • The transformation. Ensure that there is a clear vision, a realistic plan, the right leadership, great stakeholder engagement, clear accountability, the right people with the right skills and a clear design. Ensure that the business has confidence – founded on the organisation understanding that delivery is progressing to time and budget, that issues are being addressed and that risks are well managed.  

Project One is a leading independent Management Consultancy with deep digital transformation experience. This means that your organisation can immediately benefit from our insight – rapidly making complex change simple. 

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