Why think about data as part of your digital transformation journey?

Think “digital” and we usually think about new front-end experiences for our customers, with ever increasing levels of personalisation and seamless integration between channels. Dive a little deeper and move from revenue generation to cost saving and we may think about increasing levels of self-service and automation. 


All of these will no doubt be high on the agenda for your change and transformation plans, with a sizeable allocation from the available budget pot. 



But, what about “data”? 


Yes, boring old data. Historically left for the IT department to deal with. Now, increasingly moving business side through data intelligence and data science initiatives. If you’re not already on this journey, and even if you are, then recognise the need for significant investment in this area. Put it in your plan now – your digital initiatives will fail without it. 


And “data” obviously covers many things. At the lowest level, you will have tons of structured data – customer transaction, history etc. There will also be a mass of relevant content that is available for use e.g., social media and streaming content. And the amount of content is increasing exponentially as we all move more into the digital world. Combining all of this data and content into company relevant information and then analysing this to produce valuable insight is then all part of the data journey to drive the needs of your overall target digital experience. 


Easy to write down. Complex to shape up and execute. And it will demand new types of employee capability and experience. Along with the technology solutions required, this drives the high level of investment you will need. 



How Project One can help you on your data strategy journey 


At Project One, we are passionate about shaping and driving complex digital and transformational change. As part of this, our digital change service can make sure you have the right foundations in place – be it for defining your data strategy or through into execution. 

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