Programme and project management (PPM) is at the heart of what we do


Complex transformation is notoriously hard to get right

We’ve all seen the stats and stories about failure, with programmes out of control and delivery teams lost in the detail, making poor decisions, losing stakeholder confidence, and ultimately not achieving the promised business value. 


How do you avoid this and maximise the chances of success? Great programme and project management.


At Project One, we support our customers in driving transformational change. We place a small team of change experts, for example, a programme director, programme delivery managers (agile or waterfall), business change leads and PMO. Together, they work as one team, transferring knowledge to our customer whist driving delivery. This often involves helping our customers to manage other delivery partners, orchestrating the delivery to the required plan. 

“The cutover went very smoothly which is testament to the preparation and planning put in by Project One.”

Global Retailer
Programme Director

Award winning work

The Financial Times has listed Project One, for the fifth consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultants in its annual report, with a record-breaking 11 awards – more than any previous year.


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