Develop an achievable Portfolio and roadmap


Change portfolios and change delivery roadmaps are critical components to successful change and ones which lay the vital foundations for success

The warning signs are all too familiar: too many active programmes, not enough resources, unrealistic pressure to deliver and a never-ending pipeline of ‘urgent’ new requests. If you recognise these, then you may have a large-scale change portfolio that is out of control. 


The simple reality is that not all projects are created equal. In the eyes of many sponsors, theirs is the most important. So, how do you break this cycle and deliver what is most important to the business? 


The first step is for the executive team to champion and support portfolio management. It needs to be a part of an organisation’s DNA.  Then separate your governance of investment decisions from portfolio and programme oversight, capture demand from across your business, not just from those who shout loudest and qualify demand to weed out ‘pet projects’ that add little value. Finally prioritise and rank the portfolio against a set of criteria that enables delivery of the business strategy and stop programmes that are ranked low.  


Then build your roadmap with key milestones, estimated resources, mapping of key dependencies to inform sequencing and a plan that sets out the schedule and phasing of the changes. 

“The Project One team have been absolute superstars and life savers. I can chuck stuff at them that just gets done, they are my sounding board on everything and the only people I feel really “get it” like I do. Feeling the pain, understanding the challenge and helping in more ways than could ever be expected.” 


Head of IT Portfolio 

Award winning work


The Financial Times has named Project One, for the third consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies in its annual report, which uses customer and consultancy peer recommendations to rank and rate consultancies.


Out of 1,700 organisations under consideration, 194 were recognised in the list, with Project One ranked 18th overall and the only boutique consultancy to be recognised in the category of Digital Transformation.

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