How do you get Digital Transformation right in the Defence sector?

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and for that information to be secure, is fundamental for the Defence sector.


The UK Government is investing in the future, making sure that the key elements needed to ensure we can live our lives freely in the UK are in place. The Government’s intent is signposted by publications such as “Transforming for a digital future: roadmap for digital and data” and by the MOD’s “Digital Strategy for Defence”.


The MOD has  large programmes of work on-going across the Defence Enterprise that are uplifting capability and introducing digital and data innovation. This has resulted in significant levels of investment being made in digital and data skills.



Getting the resourcing balance right is critical.


For this all to work effectively, there needs to be a further uplift in skills, one that aligns digital and data with programme management and business change. For digital change to be effective, there needs to be a balance of developing new digital capability, with the drive for delivery and the ability for the organisation to absorb the resulting change.


Leaving any one of these elements out will result in a failed transformation. Getting the balance right is hard – and signs that you haven’t got the balance right will be focussing too much one element (which is usually technology).



Focus your attention on these five areas


To make this work you need effective governance, applying the right level of control at the right time. Waterfall programmes control delivery via detailed documentation, formal delivery reviews and approval gates. Agile programmes control delivery via agreeing the definition of done and working to programme goals and timeline.


Whichever delivery approach you choose, make sure you:


  • Set your governance up for success. Have two main forums, one focussed strategically, the other focussed on delivery.
  • Ensure continued senior sponsorship; to set direction, to establish priorities and to own the benefits.
  • Quickly ‘triage’ any new demand, accepting any change based on risk to and impact on delivery.
  • Centrally track and report progress to ensure everyone has a current view on delivery and risk.
  • Don’t make a cottage industry out of reporting and risk management – keep it to the level where people can engage and understand the content.



Do you need change expertise?


At Project One, we help and support our Defence sector customers to shape, mobilise and deliver their most-critical business transformation and change programmes. We are proud to work with our defence customers, including BAE Systems and Babcock. Our team of change experts have over 15 years of experience and work with senior leaders to provide independent change leadership support through every step of their digital transformations.


If you would like to discuss your specific challenges and our Defence sector experience to see how we can help, please get in touch.

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