Design your change function to meet your business needs


A clearly articulated and consciously thought through change operating model is fundamental to improving the effectiveness of change within your organisation

It is vital that an organisation’s ability to deliver accelerated change, is viewed as a competitive advantage and is invested in with the same focus and rigour as investments in the core business.


Change is increasingly complex, so make sure you are set-up for success.  Understand what the business really needs from change, identify where change processes are outdated or ineffective and optimise your model, ensuring you are embracing new change practices.


Our change expertise helps you to define the change operating model that will deliver your business outcomes. We can assess your current state and benchmark against our proven frameworks and our experience from other customers. It is also key to engage and align key stakeholders across the organisation whilst you transition to new and more effective ways of working.


Award winning work


The Financial Times has named Project One, for the third consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies in its annual report, which uses customer and consultancy peer recommendations to rank and rate consultancies.


Out of 1,700 organisations under consideration, 194 were recognised in the list, with Project One ranked 18th overall and the only boutique consultancy to be recognised in the category of Digital Transformation.

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