The broadband and digital entertainment market is incredibly competitive, so how do you stand out? If you have the heritage of the Virgin Group, then the answer is simple: you build and deliver an amazing customer experience.

Virgin Media is the first provider of all four broadband, TV, mobile phone and home phone services in the UK. It delivers ultra-fast broadband to over half of all UK homes. Virgin Media identified three reasons why customers might choose to cancel the service: customers leaving cabled areas, price and customer experience. They believed that a stronger emotional relationship with subscribers could reduce that final cause of attrition.  They wanted a great customer experience that was worthy of the Virgin brand.


Virgin Media wanted to deepen customer relationships by moving from outsourced to in-house installations performed by engaged Virgin Media teams. They also wanted to radically improve the culture and end-to-end service delivery to help fulfill their objective of creating exceptionally satisfied customers.

We wanted to go deeper than a simple lift and shift of installation staff from the partner to Virgin Media. We wanted to use this opportunity to make a truly transformational change to service delivery and achieve sustained change.

Together, we aimed to reengineer every aspect of the service around a goal to increase the number of customers who would recommend Virgin Media. From processes to roles. From reporting to reward. No stone was left unturned to create a Virgin-like service for the end customer.

 “It was a big task… but everyone involved has shown just what you can achieve with good planning and great teamwork”

Paul Hutchinson – Operations Director


This was a complex process, as we pursued the best possible customer experience. Our aim was to see the entire programme through from strategic intent to business results.

We did the things that you would expect: developing a robust operating model for the insourced operation and clear KPIs. Yet we also went further, processes were changed to ensure exceptional experience from end-to-end.

The insight and knowledge that we brought to these elements was important, but how we did things was much more so. We worked tirelessly with the Virgin Media leadership to provide fresh thinking to long standing challenges and brought a sense of clarity to what we wanted to achieve and this helped us to keep the entire programme moving at pace.



“I was very impressed and amazed at the transformation, new thinking, and new ways of working for us. An awful lot of work has gone into this”

Paul Hutchinson – Operations Director

The change was far-reaching, but the results were impressive. Pilot operation in the Greater Manchester area went live in just four months, with full ownership by the Virgin Media team. This was underpinned by a completely new operating model and fully implemented in a peak demand period.

Performance steadily improved over a three-month period.

  • Cost savings were delivered
  • Every operational KPI improved compared to the control region
  • Service restoration increased to 90%
  • Customer advocacy improved by 48%
  • Staff engagement increased to a best in class 97%.

In the battle for customers, that ability to deliver a truly Virgin experience makes a real difference.


“The results are beyond my wildest expectations”

Paul Hutchinson – Operations Director

POSTED BY: Hayley Saich - Head of Marketing

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